When we find out that our credit score is bad, many people give up and think they have done way too much damage.  But that damage is repairable.  With some effort, a lot of patience, dedication and time, you will be able to rebuild your credit.  How to rebuild your credit?  Not sure where to start, read below for some ideas and go to www.boostmyscore.net to find out more ways to help rebuild your credit.

How to rebuild your credit; start by knowing what your debts are.  If you don’t know what amount of money you own and to whom, you won’t be able to start the process.  Contact the credit bureau and request a copy of your credit report.  When you receive your credit report, you will see all of the debts you owe.  You will also see any past due outstanding debts you owe.

Having a past due outstanding debt can hurt your credit severely.  Get these amounts and debts taken care of right away.  As you pay these debts off, your credit score will start to improve.  Once you have your past due outstanding debts off, focus on paying your other debts off.  Dedicate an amount of money each month to these debts and continue to pay them until they are paid down a significant amount or they are paid off.

Now that you have your debts paid off, you will see your credit score start to rebuild itself.  To help your credit score out even more, close the accounts you just paid off.  When you remove your accounts, your bad credit will be gone.  Now is the time to re-apply for new accounts and credit cards.  Apply for accounts and credit cards that you know you can afford each month.  Don’t live beyond your means again.  Use your card monthly for small purchases.  Be sure to track these amounts so you know what you are spending.  When you receive your statement, you will be able to pay that amount off.  You are saving money you would have spent on interest and you are showing the creditors that you can be trusted to pay your debts off, rebuilding your credit score once again.